An Agreement Between a Parent & a Kid

Using The 1st Smartphone



Sweetie - you have reached an important day. A day in which we, your parents, believe that you're responsible enough to receive your own smartphone, and use it according to simple rules between us - rules that will keep you happy and safe as a smartphone user. In this agreement you will find those rules, and remember that keeping those rules will allow you to keep your smartphone.


We trust you!


And these are the rules:

  1. Remember! Everything that you do with your smartphone - writing or recording as well as every photo-taking - can go online and to be viewed by anyone on the web. And everything on the web might stay there. For long long time. This is why - every time, and we mean every time, before using your phone: Think. Even if you interact with someone you already know and even with your best friend. Think before hitting “send”. Always.

  2. If you’re walking down the street with your smartphone in your hand - it should be off. You are not walking/running/riding unless the smartphone is off as it will take your attention and you will probably get hurt. Want to you use? Cool. Only when standing still. 

  3. You will not use your smartphone to hurt anyone. You will not be part of a group that started hurting someone. You will get out of a group that started positive but then turned to start hurting someone. If you are not sure that an act will hurt someone or not - ask us. 

  4. Every now and then we will ask to see who are your digital friends in games and other apps. We know it hurts your privacy and we will do it only to keep you safe. We will try to do it as little as possible.

  5. You will reply to our messages and answer our calls immediately. If you have an adult that is in charge of you in a given time - you will answer him/her at once as well.

  6. You will not share through your smartphone any information about yourself or about any of our family members. Even if you think that sharing this information will help you.

  7. The smartphone is out of any meal - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whenever we are sitting at a table the smartphones are out of reach and on mute. We will ask you to put away the phone in other events from time to time.

  8. The smartphone stays in the charging corner in the living room during the night time. It will not “sleep” with you.

  9. The smartphone belongs to us. Not to you. We paid for it and we only lend it to you from now on. We can take it back whenever we wish. You have the responsibility for it not to be damaged and not to be lost.

  10. You will always share with us all including all your passwords. 

  11. In our family we talk with each other while looking in the eyes, not in the smartphone.

  12. You will not install any app without asking us first and receiving a green light. From time to time we will ask to uninstall an app. We know that it’ll make you sad so we will ask for such a thing only after thinking about it a lot beforehand.

  13. Whenever one of us ask you to pause the device - you don’t say “in a second”. You can say “in one minute” and to turn on a timer. For one minute. We will always prefer to see you using games and apps with “pause-ing” ability.

  14. We will have a schedule for on and off screen time. We will update it if needed and we will always do it together with you.

  15. During school hours and after-school activities the phone is on silent with no vibrate. 

  16. The phone is smart. You are smarter. A lot smarter. Trust yourself more than you trust the smartphone and the things you are offered to do through the apps and games and people you “meet” there.



If you will behave irresponsibly and if you can’t seem to follow the rules above we will take your smartphone and will lend it back to you once you show a responsible behavior again.


We are proud of you!


We all signed today [month, day, year]:








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