Parenting for the Future

"Parenting for the Future - The New Childhood" January 2020 | TED

the top 3 things kids need

"These are the top 3 things kids need - but most parents fail to provide" February 2020 | CNBC

Worries about technology impact

"Contemporary worries about the impact of technology are part of a historical pattern." The Economist | February 2020

Let's talk about smartphones.

"To talk about smartphones affecting the brain is a slippery slope" The Guardian | February 2020

Don't panic about your kids' phones

"Panicking About Your Kids’ Phones? New Research Says Don’t" The New York Times | January 2020

Screen time panic may be overblown

"These papers suggest that the panic over teens and screen time may have been overblown." MIT Technology Review | January 2020

Supernanny is back in 2020

"We’re in the technology era and really the 'Supernanny' show highlights the importance of being able to navigate this space." USA Today | January 2020

Best Podcasts for kids

Entertaining, informative, and kid-friendly podcasts for bedtime, road trips, and more. Best part? They're screen-free. Common Sense Media | December 2019

Best phones for kids

"These Are the Best Phones for Kids, According to Experts" Yahoo! Lifestyle | December 2019

Is Screen Time Really Bad for Kids?

"Is Screen Time Really Bad for Kids?" The New York Times | December 2019

Studies That Changed My Approach

"Six Screen-Time Studies That Changed My Parenting Approach" Medium | February 2018

using screens to develop autonomy

"Ask yourself if they are using screens in a way that allows them to develop autonomy, and a moral and ethical consciousness." CNN | November 2019

Teens outsmarting their parents

"Teens are finding sneaky and clever ways to outsmart their parents' location-tracking apps..." Business Insider | November 2019

Are kids able to regulate screentime

"She said her kids are able to regulate themselves and manage their own screen time, something she and her husband wanted them to achieve before heading off to college and living on their own." ABC News | November 2019

Don't freak out about screen time

"4 reasons not to freak out about the latest scary screen time study" Mashable | November 2019

There’s good in screen time

"Yes, there is bad stuff out there. But the truth is, there’s a lot of good, and some experts are arguing against a “techno-panic mind-set” that worries parents unnecessarily." The Washington Post | November 2019

What to do about screen time?

"...there's one tricky, tough part of being a parent and that's figuring out what to do about screen time. What's a mom or dad to do? Here are the pros and cons of limiting screen time." | October 2019

Allow technology help our kids learn

"The real challenge is not to let caution blind us to the incredible potential of the online world to help our kids learn, grow and even help themselves." TIME | October 2019

Kids outsmart Apple's Screen Time

"Apple’s Screen Time is meant to give customers a way to control their kids’ devices, but intrepid youngsters have exploited bugs and workarounds." The Washington Post | October 2019

A guide for clueless parents

"What is TikTok? And is it safe? A guide for clueless parents" NBC | October 2019

Can’t agree about kids screen time

"Scientists can’t agree about kids and screen time. Is it good for kids? bad? no one seems to know." Futurism | October 2019

Screens May Actually Be Good For kid

"Screen Time May Actually Be Good For Kids, New Oxford Study Finds" Forbes | October 2018

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 19.07.17

We have to help our children manage screen time — not outlaw it. | September 2019

Screens are not a threat

"In the end, screens are not a threat, it's the overuse of them that is. Use them appropriately, and your child will benefit..." CNN | September 2019

Your Child's First Smartphone

"Your Child's First Smartphone: 5 Things to Consider Before You Buy" | March 2019