Zero hassle for parents. 

Tons of value for kids.

Dynamo makes your child’s smartphone positive and meaningful.


What is Dynamo?









Dynamo Feed​​​

Social engagement between parent and child

The Parent's app

a view to your child’s experience

Lockscreen challenge​​​

Ongoing questions with every opening of the smartphone in Math, Languages, Trivia, and more

The Child's app

an educational, fun, and safe experience

Why Dynamo?


Questions adapt and update as your kid gets smarter


What parents think of Dynamo 

Mary, Mother of Noah (9 years old), Wisconsin

“All of a sudden he knew the multiplication table by heart”

Karen, Mother of June (9 years old), California

“They kept answering questions, and once it got easy, I updated to a higher lesson”

Gary, Father of Jill (8 years old),


“Dynamo isn’t intrusive and lets my kid answer questions little by little, and in the end they are learning a lot”

Anne, Mother of Abby (7 years old)

“My kid has a phone, and now she gets some education instead of just nonsense. A win-win for me, especially after I saw how she’s doing and  improved”


About us

We’re a group of parents who have created Dynamo to provide positive child and parent experiences in the smartphone era. 

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, as well as our children. We postpone getting them their own phone as much as we can, yet due to many reasons and needs, they end up having one, and then we cannot go back.

So we've made Dynamo to provide children a safe and educational format, while granting the parents a view into this process.  

To avoid them falling into senseless browsing, playing, and negative screentime, Dynamo developed a platform which grants a fun and educational experience, provided every single time they unlock their phone. This makes sure that along with any rules, timetables, and solutions you may already be implementing, your child receives an extra boost of learning throughout their day, every single day. 

They improve, and you get to see it happening. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback, to learn more, or even chat with our team. 

Dynamo is the 3rd company Orr and Nim co-lead (last two were acquired in 2014 and 2015).

Orr Kowarsky Founder & CTO

Nim Bar Levin Founder & CEO

Kobi Isha VP R&D

Gal Shkedi VP Product & Creative

Tomer Sapir Front end