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How much screen time should kids have?

On one hand, mobile devices open up a whole new world of possibility for your children, while also opening them up to less desirable influences and addictive behavior. One thing is for sure: the screens aren't going anywhere. So, here are a few tips to help reign in excessive use to make sure that such devices are being used in a constructive manner, rather than a destructive one: Don't give up Limit screen time smartly Use mobile devices for positive reinforcement There are tools to help. Use them. Learn more here.

How to motivate children to learn?

There are steps you can take to inspire your kids to thirst for knowledge in and outside of the classroom. 1. Use the principles of gamification. 2. Condition "fun" activities on completing "boring" ones. 3. Highlight your children's strengths. Learn more here.

What can I do about my child's screen time?

1. Have an agenda 2. Adopt a positive approach 3. It all starts with us - take a look inside 4. Set expectations 5. Be patient. Very patient. 6. Create balance 7. Sign an agreement 8. Get a ticket to their world every now and then Learn more here.

How to raise successful kids?

In a world of smartphones and screens, we need to treat our kids more-or-less as equals in the rules and restrictions we set. Learn more here.